Sunday, May 18, 2014

Eating It

Now with links and recipes!

Besides being healthy, raw pies are just about the easiest thing ever.  You got a food processor?  You got a freezer?  You can make a raw pie!  You don't even really need a recipe... maybe just something to use as a guide and then you can make your own flavor combos.  This one is a banana-chocolate-peanut butter pie.  The crust is based on one from The Rawtarian.  You can really use any nuts you have on hand.  Mine went a little something like:  1 cup walnuts, 1 cup dried unsweetened coconut, 1/2 cup dates (soak if not so soft), 1/4 teaspoon sea salt.  (Don't skip the salt, it's so nice with a salty counter to the sweet.)

Then I did a layer of banana-peanut butter, which was something like a couple of bananas, some peanut butter, some coconut oil, and some maple syrup all blended up and poured on top of the crust.  I might have added some almond milk, too.  I dunno, just taste it and tweak it if it's not sweet enough or whatnot.  It's not like "real" baking where the cake won't rise or the pie won't set if you mess up the proportions.  The whole thing's going in the freezer so it's going to be ok as long as it tastes good.  And you can taste and tweak with abandon because there are no raw eggs or anything skeevy to eat uncooked.  Just be careful not to eat your whole filling first.  Or hell, eat your whole filling and then make another for the pie!  So yeah, I put this crust + this layer in the freezer while I did the top layer.  

And the top layer's something like another banana, some coconut oil, some raw cacao, a little vanilla, some maple syrup and... I think that was it.  I just tasted it, it was good, and then it all went on top of what was already in the freezer.  I don't think I had an avocado, otherwise that definitely would have gone in here.  This was maybe one of the best raw desserts I've ever made.  No refined sugars, no gluten, all magic!

You can get inspired with more yum yum vegan baking here.

This... THIS is a reindeer heart "kebab" on a homemade pita from Speceriet (the baby brother of Gastrologik).  It was so good.  I've been fudging here and there on my gluten-free promise, and you betcha I indulged here.

This is the fantastic banana bread from My New Roots.  It's free of refined sugar, and I used a combo of buckwheat flour and rice flour so it's gluten-free.

Our oven's been on the fritz and we've been dealing with it longer than I should admit, lest you judge me.  (Like, it goes out anywhere from 1-10 times during baking, and this involves a hassled re-light--often with accompanying bitching.  Really we're lucky that neither of us has been badly burnt in this endeavor.)  The final straw was the night I had two from-scratch gf pizza crusts ready to go and the damn thing just would not light.  Not at all.  So we made "pizza pancakes", which just means that I panfried the dough and then added the toppings and yum yum pizza night was saved!  I would actually cook pizza like this again if it wasn't so labor-intensive because it turned out really well.

I splurged on some smoked eel from Lisa Elmqvist the other day.  Here it is in a traditional Swedish way with scrambled eggs (and fresh thyme).  

And here's a super nommy kale, mushroom, pepper bowl over black rice (the "forbidden rice".... oooooh) with a miso-orange-sesame sauce.