Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring Is Here

This sign captures the frenzy.  Vattenmelon!!!  What else do you eat when the weather turns??

The days are getting longer.  The sun's setting later and rising again around 4 am right now.

Lunches are taken outside, gulls are everywhere.

Of course, there are perils to sitting outside.  

(This really happened.  I must note that the fly was not IN my soup, but arrived in my mouth at the EXACT same time as the spoon.  How's that for timing?)

All of the classic cars are on out and about.  Supposedly, there are more classic American cars in Sweden than in the US right now.  There's a fun fact for ya!

And it's festival season.  Only in Sweden is a Jared Leto band given top billing.  Is this a joke?