Sunday, January 20, 2013

St. Louis Holidays

Oh, St. Louis.  It had simply been too long.

Over a year!  Can you believe it?

The longer I have lived away, the less it feels like home... though it always will be.  Does that make sense?  Every time I go back, I feel nostalgic that I don't live there any longer.  But that's just nostalgia playing its nostalgic tricks.  Moving back would mean changing so many things in my life (including my career) that it's just not feasible.  So I will remain St. Louis' biggest rep wherever I find myself living.

This was the scene at the Department of Motor Vehicles office in Des Peres.  There was a guy with an O-tank on wheels, but I'm sure you assumed that.  What a glorious Christmas scene!  Make sure to stop by your local DMV for a dose of holiday cheer!

I rolled in with my 180-some-odd days' expired license and managed to answer the troll's (You should have seen this woman.  "Troll" is kind.) questions to garner myself a new license.  Toot!  There's something to be said for keeping a root in the States (US iTunes has waaaay better stuff than its Euro counterpart)... and I certainly couldn't do this without my parents and their TLC of my mail and bills and such that still comes to the house on Fiddle Creek.  

StL pride.  

What the what is "Strayer University"??  I promptly effected some "He ain't come back since he gone to that Strayer University" talk.  It was genius, I tells ya!

The time we spent with these all-time faves was much too short due to my darling goddaughter catching a nasty virus, as well as to general holiday craziness.  But we had one glorious night, which is not accurately reflected in this photo, though I do love the range of emotion.  Ph and I are happy as clams, B looks like he just smelled something rancid, and M looks wary.  We ate at Pastaria, which is well worth any wait in excess of an hour.  But more on that in a minute.  

Spotted this mess at my parents' local Walgreens.  How anyone ever thought this was a good idea, I don't know.  Just because two things pair well, it doesn't mean they should be combined!  Why not steak-flavored red wine next? Oh, and I take issue with the use of "fine" here.  If you state that it's fine, I'm sure that it's not.

I also spotted some vodka-infused white chocolate peppermint whipped cream at the liquor store in Palm Springs and stood there with my jaw open for a good 30 seconds.  First, sick.  Second, we Americans are a fat bunch.  Third, white chocolate is disgusting in any form, but whipped in a can with vodka is not doing it any favors.  Fourth, you know people are squirting this directly into their mouths.  Keep it classy, America!

Look at these two!  B and I had a lovely lunch with these ladies at the wonderful Local Harvest Cafe on Morganford.  Those curls!

I really missed seeing this little lady, but luckily we had a little time together before a yucky virus thwarted the rest of our holiday plans.  She is growing so quickly and is such a joy to be around.  Can't wait to see her again this summer!

And this is her big sister Cosi, who is showing off the lovely brocade skirt from H&M somebody brought for her.  This girl knows how to rock an outfit, hmm?

I'll leave you with Hilde, who is enjoying the heck out of a bird video on YouTube.