Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bretagne Bites

The other thing about Bretagne... is the food.

The region is known for its cider made from local apples.

More cider.

And buckwheat crepes are another specialty.  They are very simply done, without all of the creme sauces and butter that seemed to crap up crepes when I had them in the States.  This is the real deal and it don't need no bells and whistles.

The region is also known for its seafood.   There are lobster, langoustine, shrimp, oysters, and mussels to be had on every corner!
These are yummy grilled sardines.

They were no match for me n' B.

Kouign aman is another specialty from Bretagne.  It is not so easy to come by in Paris, either.  But if you find one, get it warm or heat it up and you will be in heaven.  It tastes like a cinnamon roll crossed with a croissant.... oh heaven, it is amazing!

B displays a kouign aman.

We also tried this ker-y pom, which neither of us had seen before.  It's sorta like a apple tart, but with a crisp cookie bottom.

Behold, the ker-y pom!

I have had langoustine the world over, but these langoustine... they tasted like lobster.

The sundae sampler at a local ice cream joint.

Petite dejeuner.

Amuse bouche.

Salmon yumminess.

Local oysters.

Crazy meringue + ice cream dessert = nap on the beach afterward.