Sunday, June 1, 2008

Life of the party

I love the deconstructed tuxedo shirt; and with the bowtie undone it reminds me of someone who's had a few too many martinis. This most lovely Dries Van Noten skirt is one of my latest acquirements. It is one piece of 100% cotton fabric, woven--blanket-style--in four different dobby stripes. There is one seam, where the zipper is, but the magic is in the pleating, which is ultra-flattering and also makes the stripe patterns fall so "haphazardly." It's basically cut like a circle skirt, but the pleats make it into something entirely different. It is one of the most incredible pieces I own.

Shirt Ivory (RIP, Girlshop), inlaid shell bracelet vintage (from Mom), skirt Dries Van Noten, shoes Dolce Vita.

Close-up of the fun tuxedo detailing.
Yellow nailpolish peeks through...